Peek at the Anatomy of the Human Nose

The nose is one of the five senses that humans have. Thanks to this organ, humans can recognize various kinds of aromas, such as fragrant or foul odors. Knowing the anatomy of the human nose will help you to understand how the nose works, along with how to maintain nasal health. Nasal anatomy is composed of parts with mutually supporting functions, thus creating a good mechanism of action. If one of them is disturbed, then the function of the nose as the olfactory organ can be disrupted. As a layman, maybe you only know the nose from the outside appearance only. However, do you know what is in it? Nose Anatomy Arrangement To find out the anatomy of the nose, let us examine the anatomical structure of the human nose. Two small holes From the outside you will only see two small holes that deliver you to the nasal cavity. These two holes act as the exit and entry of air when breathing. Fine hairs From the outside appearance you will also see fine hairs attached to the nasal cav…
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